Gettin’ Up Morning
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Gettin’ Up Morning is a 3 year old colt in Luck. He was sired by Delphi out of Allboats. He is owned and trained by Walter Smith. He was ridden by Rosie while training at Santa Anita Park, but has ridden by Ronnie Jenkins as Jockey until he was injured and started to use and drink again.



A well-formed 3 year old bay colt with a gentle spirit, great potential and big heart sired by Delphi out of Allboats, ridden by Rosie Shananhan and Ronnie Jenkins, as jockey.

He is nicknamed 'Bruiser' by Rosie,and shown alternately as a bay with a star, or just as a simple bay with no leg markings at all.

His owner and trainer Walter Smith is shown often talking to him about both their pasts and that of his sire.

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