Isadore Cohen
Occupation Organized crime boss, restaurant and club owner
Marital Status Single
Actor Ted Levine
Isadore Cohen, played by Ted Levine, is an organized crime figure. He is an associate of Chester "Ace" Bernstein.



Cohen worked with Chester "Ace" Bernstein prior to Bernstein's three year incarceration at Victorville prison. He is part of a group of organized crime figures including Nick DiRossi and Michael Smythe.

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Episode 1.2Edit

Cohen has lunch in the clubhouse of a golf course with his business associates Ace and DiRossi. Cohen admits that he is jealous that Ace still looks so good given his recent prison term. Ace says that it was no tea party and Cohen and DiRossi commiserate. Cohen changes the subject, asking if Gus is enjoying the jackpot he won in Las Vegas. Ace says he is and adds that they are going to see Gus’s horse next. Cohen looks at DiRossi and jokes about the number of stunts his floor staff had to pull to ensure Gus was the winning player. DiRossi asks if Ace wants something to eat and Ace shakes his head. DiRossi waves away the waitress. Cohen says that he has a message from Mike – he sends his best wishes and wants to support Ace in any way that Ace suggests. Ace asks if he can start and begins his pitch. He says that with the recession the leisure gaming market is tightening and Cohen agrees with his assessment. Ace rhetorically asks why they should look at buying a race track, lists the reasons against and then says that it is an opportunity to infiltrate casino gambling into California. He says that with horse racing being legal but the sport in financial crisis he believes they can use the purchase as a Trojan horse to bring in slot machines and table games. Ace offers to fund the purchase while Cohen will provide his name for the signs. He offers ten percent of the operation and the option to purchase a further thirty-nine percent at his purchase price plus costs. Cohen laughs, saying that the proposal requires an all-out effort to convince the legislature in Sacramento rather than just costs. Ace raises his voice to say that the option is a choice afforded to Cohen not a price he has to pay. DiRossi observes that this is an exhibition of the famous Ace temper. Ace moderates his tone and says that the ten percent share is a gesture of friendship if Cohen decides not to exercise the option. Cohen notes that Ace needs his name on the sign, irritating Ace by referencing his status as a felon. Ace asks Cohen to tell Mike that he can take a piece of the ten percent or the option if he wants it. DiRossi punctuates the discussion by announcing that “the Ace is back in place”.


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