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Occupation Hotel manager
Actor Spencer Garrett
Maurice, played by Spencer Garrett, is a hotel manager. He is friends with long term resident and organized crime figure Chester "Ace" Bernstein.


Season 1Edit

Luck (pilot)Edit

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Maurice goes to meet Gus Economou and Chester "Ace" Bernstein arrive at a hotel. Bernstein gazes around wistfully and is greeted by the manager, Maurice. Bernstein jokes that if Maurice has been partying in his suite he should make sure it is cleared. Maurice counters that if he missed one or two Bernstein can send them down the fire escape before becoming serious and saying that they have been preparing all week. Maurice gestures at Economou and references his windfall. Bernstein notes the timing and Economou jokes that he only drives Bernstein for fun now. The doorman excitedly greets Bernstein and tells him that he has graduated, Bernstein deadpans that he has done the same.


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Episode 1.4 Episode 1.5 Episode 1.6
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