Ted Levine
Ted Levine
Birthdate Bellaire, Ohio, USA
Birthplace May 29, 1957
Character Isadore Cohen
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Ted Levine, born May 29, 1957 in Bellaire, Ohio, USA, is an actor. He has a recurring guest starring role as Isadore Cohen in Luck. He has appeared in the series Crime Story, Wonderland, Monk, and Hell on Wheels. He has also had roles in the films The Silence of the Lambs (1991), American Gangster (2007), and Shutter Island (2010).


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Season one credits
"Luck" "Ace Meets with a Potential Investor" "Ace Meets with a Talented Whiz Kid"
"Ace Meets with a Colleague" "Ace Forces Escalante to Swap Jockeys" "Ace Pitches a Deal"
"Ace and Claire Tour a Horse Farm" "Ace Counters Smythe's Move with His Own" "Two Prized Colts Go Head-to-Head"

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