Track Announcer
Track Announcer infobox
Occupation Announcer at Santa Anita Park
Actor Bill Plaschke
The Track Announcer at Santa Anita Park, played by Bill Plaschke, is a supporting character.



Season 1Edit

Luck (pilot)Edit

Main article: Luck (pilot)

The announcer reports a win as the Track Manager enters. A screen reports that the pick six pool has reached $2,859,540. The manager suggests a headline “multimillion dollar pick six payout distracts gamblers from track’s insolvency.” This amuses the announcer who then directs the manager’s attention to the victorious trainer Turo Escalante track side.


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Season one appearances
Luck Episode 1.2 Episode 1.3
Episode 1.4 Episode 1.5 Episode 1.6
Episode 1.7 Episode 1.8 Episode 1.9
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